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We are one of the largest, and most widely used website of its kind on the internet. This website was developed to assist everyone in the security & telecommunications industries. We are always committed to provide up to date, as well as obsolete technical information.

We do things a bit different than other PDF document websites. We do not charge for each PDF document, we instead charge for the use of our servers and the costs involved to store, and display the PDF documents.

Other companies might tempt you with a "free manual" or "free limited memberships", then ask you to pay $15 - $69 for each and every manual you want to download, or trick you in with low-cost trial rates. This is NOT the way we work.

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We are available 7 days a week, 9am - 11pm Eastern Time to provide you with any assistance you need. There are no membership fees required for techncial support. There are no upfront charges for support. There are no charges if we cannot resolve your issue.

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Tech Help! For Windows Is Now Available For Download!
Tech Help! is our popular windows helpfile which contains much valuable info on many different systems in use today, that can be easily scrolled for.

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By popular request, we can now provide discounted rates for shipping packages to anywhere in the world.

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