Effective Ways To Market Your Blog For Free

As well as sharing information with others, blogging is also a great way to generate an income.  That is when it is marketed effectively.  If you are looking for ways to market your blog, you may have been dismayed to find that many available methods cost lots of money.  However, as the following post will show there are some ways you can generate traffic to your blog for free.

Use Social Media

Millions and millions of people around the world use social media every single day.  By using professional pages you can share posts on your blog with an incredible amount of people.  It is a good idea to create social media accounts for your blogs rather than using your own accounts, as it will keep your business and social areas of your life separate.

Subscriber Lists

Email marketing is still one of the most popular and effective methods for driving traffic to sites on the net.  By creating a digital campaign of some kind of a newsletter you can send send information from your blog directly to your subscribers at no extra cost.


Another great way to help others while generating some free direct traffic to your blog is by participating in online forums.  Make sure you write valuable and useful posts on forums and feeds related to the theme or area of expertise of your blog.  The more active you are, the better.

Guest Blogging
Blog owners often allow other bloggers to write content for their site that links back to their own blogs.  Although back-links are not quite as important as they were previously, they are still helpful to improving the ranking and volume of traffic to your blog and give visitors to the blog you have guest posted on a link to click that will take them directly to your own site.

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