Tech You Should Invest In For Working From Home

While many of the biggest companies in the world have cut back on the number of their employees that can work flexibly from home; it still continues to be a popular trend.  Additionally, many employers are now requesting that their employees use their own devices for work, so they can save spending out lots of money on business laptops, tablets and phones.

As many of these devices can easily be used as both personal and business devices, here are some of the essential work from home pieces of tech.


The smartphone was the first device that could effortlessly be used as both a personal device and a work device.  If you are in the market for a smartphone that can fulfil both business and personal needs, you need to check the specification and ensure that it has enough ram and storage space to run various applications at the same time.  Also remember to consider the screens size carefully as you need to ensure you will be able to edit and read documents on your phone comfortably and effectively.


For something that is basically a larger and more cumbersome smartphone without the phone capabilities; it’s surprising just how essential to day to day life a tablet has become.  It is likely that the “bring your own device to work” concept has pushed the popularity of the tablet somewhat, especially when you consider that as the technology improves and advances there are more low-cost options available out there than ever before.


When you work within an office or other workplace environment printing is normally only done when it is completely necessary.  From a home environment though, printing is often essential so that you have physical documents to send in or take into work that are not stuck on your mobile phone.  It can be, as anyone will know who has tried it, tricky trying to print something on a smartphone onto even a good standard wireless printer.  This is why it could be worth your while looking into purchasing a LantronixxPrintServer Home Edition which not only downloads the information to your printer, sets up a driver; but makes printed copies – all without too much hassle.

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