The Evolution Of Online Competitive Gaming

One trend that has evolved significantly in recent years in entertainment online is competitive gaming.  This has transformed the humble video game into a multi-billion industry in which professionals participate in massive, worldwide competitions attracting huge audiences and betting in a similar way to traditional sports.

It hasn’t been an easy evolution though, as competitive gaming has had its face controversy from the people who argue that playing a video game does not constitute a real sport and players complaining of excessive physical and mental pressures.

The Origins

It would have been hard for anyone to predict the extent to which competitive gaming has grown from its’ humble origins of small groups of Americans competing at the arcade classic Space Invaders back in the 80s. Competitive gaming, even when it was shown on television shows such as GamesMaster in the UK was considered to be something of a gimmick and it wasn’t until broadband internet connections were introduced that it really started to grow in popularity.

South Korea and not the US, UK or even Japan, is where the first steps towards online competitive game took place.  They were the first to hold huge tournaments involving video games and it is at these that the first superstars were born.  It wasn’t long before other countries across the world got in on the action and there are now in excess of 250 tournaments of this kind active.

Worldwide Tournaments

The Intel Extreme Masters competition that takes place in Cologne is a prime example of just how much competitive gaming has evolved over the last 10 years.  Prize money for this event is in the is beyond the million dollar mark and millions of people watch the action live on the internet.

Because of the interactive nature of these gaming competitions, many of the leading sports betting companies including Betway have started offering specialised services for fans of competitive gaming to find out the latest odds on players and make bets.  The most popular and common games played include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II and League Of Legends.

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